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Valentines Day 2023

This year you will need to be quick ..  We are your number 1 Florist south of Brisbane 

This year our exquisite designs are only available at our store or online. This exclusive range has been set up this year to be a cut above the rest, making your order more special for your loved one. Designs that are created by us and assembled with the utmost care and the freshest of blooms. Don't buy from a supermarket support the Florists who do this as their only job and specialize in the art of floristry. 

We have created a new collection this year that will help you select the perfect piece based on exactly what your loved one likes and where it will be going. Not everyone wants the traditional Red Rose arrangement but would love a once off design that will match their home in every way.

Anyone wishing to arrange custom purchases we will need this done by the 20th January so we can ensure your own PA Florists will be available. Please call 0408 474 229

Delivery is available all day so book in now as to not miss out .