TFCO Helping Flood Families in NSW & QLD 2022

Flood Recovery Efforts: Rebuilding Lives - 3 Trips to affected. areas.

Our florist business, along with PGB Transport, showed exceptional community spirit by supporting flood victims in Logan and New South Wales. Collecting essential items such as food, water, clothing, toiletries, and medical supplies, we made special deliveries to Wardell, Broadwater, Woodburn, Cooraki, and Lismore. Witnessing the devastation firsthand, we connected with affected families, offering support and providing immediate assistance. These families, who have lost everything, inspired us with their resilience and generosity. To continue our efforts, we have chosen to adopt several families, pledging to rebuild their homes and lives. With your support, we can make a lasting difference and provide these families with the comfort and security they deserve. Follow our journey on Facebook @theflowercreworiginals and join us in making a meaningful impact. Together, we can rebuild and restore hope. Contact Vanessa Parkes at 0408 474 229