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Boho Love Box


This year you can choose what style your loved one loves, not everyone loves the same colour and this year our qualified florists are creating exquisite pieces to suit your loved one's home.


Bohemian or Boho style is all about breaking the rules and creating a bright and personal style that stands out.

Boho unlike many other styles is perfect for adding your own personal touch, busy patterns, and plenty of colors. There are no rules for decorating in a bohemian style.

Colors often include a lot of neutrals, browns, metal, and jewel tones, taking a cue from the beauty of nature itself.


Images below are to show you the inspiration behind the designs and those who know our artistic work put full trust in what they will receive

These are limited numbers, and we encourage you prebook 

ORDERS FOR THESE CLOSE - January 19th 2023

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