From Farm to Table Combo


Why not send a beautiful care package of blooms and fruit and vegetables sourced from local farmers. These will be sure to help out during these times of isolation.

Fresh Produce along with a beautiful arrangement of fresh mixed seasonal blooms all delivered .

There are two options avail with the details listed below.

Box A features: 

2 Pcs Red Capsicum

1 Baby Cos Pack

½ Cauliflower

1 Pcs Broccolini

1 Pcs Asparagus

5 Pcs Carrots

¼ Pcs Pumpkin

2 Pcs Cucumber

5 Pcs Washed Potato

2 Pcs Brown Onions

2 Pcs Red Onions

6 Pcs Bananas

4 Pcs Avocado

4 Pcs Orange

4 Pcs Kiwifruit

5 Pcs Tomato

5 Pcs Green Apples

5 Pcs Red Apples

4 Pcs Pear

1 Bag Green Beans

4 Pcs Sweet Potato

4 Pcs Zucchini

1 Bag Grapes

1 Doz Eggs

250 g Mushroom

500 g Baby Spinach

1 Pun Cherry Tomato

1 Pcs Broccoli 3 Pcs Corn


Box B :

2 Pcs Brown Onions

4 Pcs Bananas

3 Pcs Avocado

2 Pcs Orange

3 Pcs Kiwifruit

3 Pcs Tomato

1 Pun Cherry Tomato

1 Pcs Red Capsicum

3 Pcs Green Apples

3 Pcs Red Apples

3 Pcs Pear

2 Pcs Sweet Potato

3 Pcs Zucchini

½ Bag Grapes

1 Doz Eggs

250 g Baby Spinach

1 Pcs Broccoli

2 Pcs Corn

Delivery is FREE to all areas that we cover , please refer to map to ensure you are in the delivery zone.

Delivery this Mother's Day is FREE to all areas shown below  SAT 9th / SUN 10th May click on link or view image  


Box Combo