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Everlasting Silk Flower Workshop

Everlasting Silk Flower Workshop

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Looking for a fun and relaxing experience? Join our floral workshop at our studio!


Silk flowers: Eternal beauty that never fades. No Water Required

Immerse yourself in flowers as our professional florist shares the art of composition and design. Gain insider tips and enjoy demonstrations to create your custom piece.

Unleash your creativity, play with different flowers and textures. Discover the meditative joy of hands-on floral work and let your imagination soar!

All flowers and materials provided. Sip our signature drink, savor a grazing board, and enjoy tea/coffee. Aprons provided. Limited spots for personalized guidance.

Ticket includes:

  • Signature Drink on arrival
  • Grazing Board
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Aprons to wear
  • Small Vase (or bring your own)
  • Products for your masterpiece

Private Workshops Available ... Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Corporate.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Workshop tickets are non-refundable due to personal circumstances. Credit offered for event cancellation, rescheduling by TFC, or COVID-related issues. Tickets can be transferred for the same event date. These conditions ensure the best experience with food and supplies.

Delivery Process

  1. Place your order for the desired blooms or product.
  2. Our team creates your order specifically for you.
  3. We update your order status as "ready for delivery."
  4. Our delivery drivers arrive as soon as your order is ready to collect the order.
  5. The drivers embark on their delivery run.
  6. Your beautiful blooms are delivered to your specified location
  7. Once our couriers have completed their entire delivery run, we mark your order as complete.
  8. Please note that our couriers are focused on delivering flowers and may not send individual notifications for every bouquet. However, if you have requested a specific delivery time for a business address, our couriers will ensure it is delivered accordingly. If no specific time is requested, your order will be delivered by 6 pm.

Flower Maintenance

  1. Unwrap the bouquet: Remove any packaging carefully, avoiding damage to the flowers or stems.
  2. Trim the stems: Use sharp scissors or shears to trim about 2 centimetres off the bottom of the stems. Cut at a 45-degree angle to ensure maximum water absorption.
  3. Water and vase: Fill a clean vase with fresh water .Place the flowers in the vase, ensuring all stems are submerged in water.
  4. Regular water change: Change the water every 2-3 days or whenever it becomes cloudy. Recut the stems slightly with each water change to promote water absorption.
  5. Display location: Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and drafts. Find a cool spot in your home or office to extend their lifespan.
  6. For boxed flower arrangements ensure you give them a drink daily and make sure the foam in the box is wet but not too wet.
  7. Remove wilted blooms: As flowers naturally age, remove any wilted or damaged blooms to maintain the bouquet's overall appearance.


Although we strive to maintain the visual likeness of our daily floral arrangements; occasional modifications may occur. We will try our best to notify you of any alterations, but sometimes it may not be feasible. If you have inquires, kindly reach out before placing your order. The pictures displayed depict our florists' creations using seasonal blooms. The colours may vary bunch to bunch. 

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